Wednesday, January 16, 2013

women vs men

So, I think a lot of times, men in general get a bad rap.
And women somehow get the right to talk about men as less-er.
These are a couple blanket statements, totally know, not all men are getting a bad rap, and not all women trash talk the opposite sex. But ya know what I mean, right?
But I guess, all I want to say is, contrary to popular belief, there are a lot of good men out there. And I think the more and more people trash talk men, the more they'll believe it. And our boys will grow up believing it. And all those trash-talkers are proven right.

I think of all the great men in my life, grandpas, my dad, uncles, church leaders, friends, soccer coaches, teachers, employers, and especially my husband. And it makes me happy and proud that they have been in my life.  I think  of Chad, who goes to work everyday, not only doing the technical side of his job but having to deal with big corporate office politics, cranky people, and basically carry the weight of completely supporting our family (this is the life we chose, I know, I could work outside the home and share that duty). Then he comes home, often to a messy house and sometimes dinner is not ready or even thought of, and just jumps right in and is %100 dad and husband. He is constantly looking for ways to serve people and become a better man.

I know he's pretty awesome. Maybe amazing?
 But I know he's not the only hard working good man out there.

I don't know how to end this post, but the  random article that I saw today titled "Ten Reasons Why Women Really Are Better Than Men" made me frustrated, and I guess this is how I deal with it?


Carly said...

Love this. And it's so true. For us it's kind of opposite right now, with Shem picking up a ton of mom responsibilities and I look at him at the end of each day and almost cry I'm so grateful for what an awesome man I married. I love knowing we are their inferior or superior to one another, but equally yoked in making our family successful.

Southern Belle said...

I am reading the Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands right now, I think Sr. Chancey gave it to me for my weddding and I read it then and I have a completely different perspective now as I am reading it again. It is totally along the lines of this post. You should read it:) It was probably one of the best gifts I got for my wedding, because i never would have read it otherwise and it has helped make me a better wife I think:)