Friday, February 1, 2013


First things first. Just talked to Jenn, my sister! She's here in america and eating Chapotle as we type/read. I can't wait to talk to her more and and I can't wait even more to see her freaking face in real life! #asdlfjasldfkjalsdkjf #freakout #sisters #YOLO #hashtag #iliketomakefunofhashtags

Secondly, it's friday night and yet it feels like a regular night cause Chad has to work all day tomorrow= Laaaame. So while I go to sleep I will have to brain storm ideas of fun things I can do with the girls to make tomorrow awesome and NOT just another day. 

Thirdly, we went grocery shopping today. Very few things can make me more happy than a fridge full of fresh cuts of meat and tons of produce. It's just the best.

Fourthly, the fact is, I love seeing chicks wear lip stick. And I feel like the boss when I do, to me it says: "I'm wearing makeup. On purpose, and I like it. And I like me."
I always want to wear it, but really the only colors I have are some nude type colors where you cant even tell I'm wearing it, and then I have Mac "Russian red" which is...super red. And I have to be reeeeally feel'n it to wear Russian Red.

*precursor: I am no make up guru, don't get any ideas*

ANYWAYS. I have found the lip color I love.
Its about $4, Revlon, "stormy pink".
It's enough pink where its noticeably pink, kinda summer-y? but not tooooo pink to look like...a drag queen/barbie ya know what I mean?
If there such thing as a "subtle" hot pink, this is it. SO if you are in the mood for some lip color, go to Walmart and splurge $4. And maybe get a nail polish too, with sparkles. 

Fifthly, I am also currently obsessed with cat-eye eyeliner. I'll share my secret trick later, on how to make it perfect every day, here's a tip: scotch tape.

Now back to freaking out cause my sister's home.
See ya suckers.


Hayley said...

yep. love the lipstick. i've been wearing "shocking mauve" lately and looooooove it.

Tabitha said...

Revlon Primrose is also awesome (: It's been my signature colour for about a year now! I also love the matte Revlon lipstick in Sky Pink (highly recommend!)