Saturday, April 27, 2013

a phone photo sequence:

(The past few posts have been with my face in them, hope you're not too sick of me!)
This was from a few days ago. It documents when I was trying to calm Maggie down for a nap...can you tell that just did not happen?
The last picture is seconds after she hit me in the eye.
Sometimes my kids beat me up.


Emma said...

Hey girl, drove past Shamrock Park this am and thought of you and knew I had to catch up on your happenings thru the blog. I'm bummed about your health stuff going on! But so grateful for answers to prayers. I definitely know about the Candida diet- had studied it (and tried it) off and on in the past...and recently with a thrush thing with Ephraim. Keep up the good work with listening to your body, the Spirit, and your family. Love you lots girl and stay strong! ps- that Maggie is so cute, even if she popped you in the eye ;).

Emma said...

pps- you're going to be an awesome midwife!!