Thursday, May 2, 2013

Chubah as of late:

So Maggie is known as "Chubah" in our house.
Sometimes is Chubes, Chubies, Chubah...It started about last year? And stuck. Like all good nicknames, it stuck and for no reason.

Either way, I am obsessed with this girl. She is by far the sassiest one yet out of our three.
 The girl loves to boogy. She handed me these huge socks, pointed to the TV (for pandora) and then twirled and rocked out a good while. She's just rad.
 She also manages to sleep with us part of the night. Every night. And then hogs the bed, along with Eden. They (luckily for me!) LOVE to snuggle up to Chad. Poor guy often has a sore back because of them.
 She loves to eat carrots and apples, chew them up, and then spit them out. It's awesome and really fun to clean up after.

She is also WAY trampoline savvy. Like, legitimately bounces and seat drops.

Well, there ya go. Chubah. 

(all instagram pics, follow me at: rachmeyn for daily pics of Chubah)


jax from the harmon squad said...

Ok, she is the cutest little thing ever.

And I have to ask... where did you get that onesie? It is AWESOME!

Emma said...

oh man, she is growing up so fast....where is baby faced Maggie?! She's so cute.
ps- I need to get a decent phone so I can do/see all this instagraming stuff- I'm so behind in technology.