Wednesday, December 11, 2013

the next big idea/hope/dream

So, a while back I mentioned us maybe selling our house and buying a 100 year old house in a neighboring town. Long story short, we decided to not the the little old house. It would just take a LOT of work to make it our true love, and it would take a long time, all in 2 bed 1 bath little house. Thats all fine and good but then I started picturing gutting our kitchen with my 2 year old that is an animal and my busy busy busy older girls and my heart would race and I'd get cold sweats. So we called the peeps wanting to buy our place and told them we just wanted to call it off. They were taking F O R E V E R to get approved for their loan (thank you credit scores and government shut down and bad communication skills). And then we were happy, sad, but knew it was for the best.
THEN last week the girl who wanted to buy our house called Chad. They were pretty much all done with approval and ready to buy, and would we reconsider? He called me. I said "I'm totally fine to move, it needs to make sense financially and just common sense. And it needs to be in Pea Ridge."

Low and behold the idea we have had since the beginning of time (when we first got hitched) that we would buy land, and build a small farm house on it, just actually may be with in reach. This has always been our long term goal, didnt even think it'd happen for another like, 10 years. But it just might work. I know the Lords will be the best will. I just hope with this one, we're both on the same page.

This experience has been so funny, it just shows how Chad and I work. We are very public with our ideas and plans. People probably think we are just indecisive, when really they are just hearing the whole process of eliminating and creating options. Who knows, maybe tomorrow we'll come up with a different option?

But as for today we're praying for this farm house options.

I want: 

  • chickens
  • bees
  • pigs
  • cows
  • big garden
  • farm cats
  • out side dogs
  • tree swings
  • forts
  • a forest for my kids to play in all day
This picture is of us hiking around the property that we are dreaming about. admiring the huge oak, maple and cedar trees all over the place.

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Carly said...

dreamy! this is our goal, too :) hope it works out!