Thursday, January 2, 2014

big, bold, blonde(?) 2014

So, I wasnt kidding.
I ditched my smart phone. I seriously feel like I am in college again texting my boyfriend late at night or something. I keep laughing at it, not out of disgust but just cause its funny to me for some reason! It's only been 24 hrs but I must say, I love it. It is almost embarrassing how I would just check my phone whenever I had a moment of down time. WHAT A WASTE.

Each year I get into New Years a little more. Maybe because I love setting goals?
ANYWAY. Here are mine, my goals, some big some not-so-big:

  • Be more present: ditch the smart phone! CHECK.
  • Read: Anne of Green Gables (I never have, and it apparently is a must)
  • Go blonde. For real, I have ALWAYS wanted to. Why not now? *gulp* I want to grow my hair out too...but still not completely sold on that idea just yet.
  • Get back to my athlete-self. I dont like comparing myself to the past. I want to find my NEW athlete-me. This third baby has taking me forever to "bounce back", throw in a move and miscarriage on top of that and I am just *physically* not where I am comfortable. 
  • Host at least one magical, creative dinner party
  • Get away for more than one night with Chad
  • Lose my filter. Well, maybe not totally lose. But I filter what I say too much (in my opinion, and Chad agrees). I want to be more bold and say exactly what I think. 
  • Focus on planning. Meals, work-outs, activities, just everything. I thrive on structure. I want to get THIS planner so bad it hurts. Need to start saving and just do it! My friend showed me hers and it blew my mind, its laid out how my brain thinks! And I am the girl that has to physically write stuff down, not type. 
  • Execute. I have a lot of good ideas and I let them simmer....and then they fade. NO more. I just need to jump and DO IT. 
And there you have it.
2014 is going to be awesome.


Carly said...

Rah, rah, you go girl! :)

Celeste said...

A- I'm jelly of your phone. I currently do not posses the cajones to ditch my iPhone (inlaws would mock me to scorn, relationships would suffer)
B- I want an invite to your dinner party.
C- can't wait to see that blonde faux hawk. Do it already.
D- you'll have to keep up your blog if you are not on Instagram, and keep posting updates on Facebook please. Loves-

Rachelle said...

Oh yes. I have just a few goals this year. I usually make big ones but this year mine are pretty simple. Ones that I want to improve on or just make them life long goals. I took ig off my phone again. I watched some mom at target the other day (she has 6 kids! And everyone loves her) checkout. She was on her iPhone the entire time. Her older daughter was carrying the baby who was so sleepy. I thought I might get a chance to say hi to her. But while she walked by where I was checking out she didn't even lift her head up from her phone. And all her littles walked behind her. I was shocked. I couldn't believe she was so engrossed by her phone she didn't even check to see if all of her kids were behind her. Ugh.

Instagram is a waste. As are most things in your phone. I've made it a point to not have it close to me when my kids are home.

Crazy! And blonde sounds fun!!

R* said...

I love your goals!

I'm with you - paper planning all the way. I've tried so many fancy planners and calendars and stuff, keep going back to the Franklin Covey 2 page per day planner, though. It is generic enough for me to make it my own and gives me all the space I need for journaling and lists (e.g., meals, workouts, classes, whatever).

Krista & Tyler said...

Keep it up girl! And those nails. Bomb.

FullMoon said...

I followed a link here and I am glad I did.
I hope you find the time to blog some more.

Carly said...

I miss your blogging!