Saturday, March 5, 2016

saturday game plan:

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  • I was nominated to decorate a kind of last minute baby shower for one of the sweetest girls ever in existance through all history and time. This aint my first rodeo and usually I have a huge bin at my disposal in my office for decorating parties (its kind of one of my favorite things to do?). BUT most of our possessions are in storage buried deep. So d├ęcor today will be simple: white and blue flowers (hydrangeas to the rescue!) in mason jars, burlap table cloths and boom there we go. Typically when I am in charge of a party I take a week hand making stuff for it feels really odd to me to be just winging it.
  • Meet up with our plumber and get a quote + game plan for plumbing all this mess we're living in. Currently we use one tiny gross bathroom with the water heater out in the open right next to the toilet. Did I mention we can't invite people over with young children? Our house is currently a literal death trap.
  • Keep up on meds for Lily. The brave girl got her adenoids removed and tubes in her ears on Thursday! She is amazing and hasn't complained once.
  • Frame the bedroom+bathroom+laundry room walls upstairs.
  • Kick girls out of the house most of the day. Sunny warm days must NOT be wasted. Especailly when we have an awesome yard to play in.
  • Watch "Splash" with Chad (you know, the 80's Tom Hanks movie?) cause he's never seen it!
  • FaceTime with grandparents
How's your Saturday looking?

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