Sunday, October 14, 2007

my sister the babe!

So my little sister had homecoming this weekend, and she sent me some pics of her and her date. I just like to show her off cause she is just SO dang cute! Love you Niff!!


Unknown said...

Holy crap do I feel old! Jenn's going to homecoming and you're having a baby. And now I'm teaching the laurels and I feel like I'm still their age. Crazy!

Rach said...

crazy huh?? and you know who her date is?? Chris McCleve! and its their Sr. homecoming! crazy town, yeah and the whole me having a baby thing is pretty crazy too:)

Unknown said...

Ok, I didn't even realize that her date was a McCleve and that she is a senior!! I have been gone from B'ham for way too long.