Sunday, October 14, 2007

da weekend

(sorry apparently the flash wasn't on...)
not my most favorite pictures of me, but this is me as of late...shes grow'n! I am now 24 weeks along (Jess Kettle, look a little familiar???)

Dinner with some of our best buds, Todd and Joy at Johnny Carinos...totally had the Italian nachos and vanilla lemonades....oh baby so good!!(sorry the lighting is pretty shabby)

after Johnny's we went to the famous BYUI 'Guitars Unplugged'.Its a concert here that a bunch of students try-out and perform songs they have written, or covers, mostly acoustic but some was more was medium rare, past semesters have been better. BUT ya know the little kids book 'Goodnight Moon'?? The one with the bunny in bed saying good night to the spoon, the cow jumping over the moon, the kittens and the mittens? Well some guy put that book into song and I have been singing it ever since, it was just so sweet!!! I`m trying to find the CD of the show so I can learn it in time for Lily to get here so I can sing it to her when its night night:)

This is Chad and Todd being 'manly cooks'(note their toughness). Sunday dinner was AMAZING they made their famous lasagna its the real deal, fresh ricotta cheese and basil...just SO yummy. Joy and I had fun watching them cook for us:)

here is the lasagna, the picture isn't that flattering but trust me...divine!


Jessica Kettle said...

hehe you look so cute! DO you want to know the best part about that shirt (besides the stain)?! It's a size extra small. And it fits. Self esteem boost for a preggo!

Rach said...

no kidding and the jeans are a 6, i feel fat all week but when i put those babies one, its a boost:)