Wednesday, October 10, 2007

venting to the void

So scholastically, today was a dark day for me. For all those who have had those dreams that you go to class and everyone is turning in an assignment thats huge and you had NO idea that it even existed or was even due(why internet based classes can be tricky)...well that dream came true today. It reminded me of one of Brian Regan's skits, when hes talking about the science fair project:"oh no, thats due today!" I almost cried in class (the increased hormones DO NOT help)
THEN I go and take my microbiology test...almost passed. I almost lost it in the testing center(hormones not helping still) ugh. so discouraged.
I know I can fix the project thing, and with the micro I just need to study differently...and more. Today was just one of those days when everything just piles on and you feel very overwhelmed.
But on a lighter note, it was a BEAUTIFUL fall day, bright,sunny, breezy and the leaves are all bright yellow on campus. AND I wore my favorite maternity shirt and jeans, with my red shoes.
Well I am going to go eat my chicken nuggets,go pick up Chad and then go buy some egg-nog (so excited its in the stores now!) that will make it all better:)
So goodnight dear void, thanks for letting me vent.


Unknown said...

Rachel, I know exactly how you feel and I agree that the hormones defiantly do not help the situation! When I was working and pregnant, and then working w/ Macey at home, I had a break down every few weeks. = ) Good luck with everything! luv ya!

Jessica Kettle said...

poor girl! it will all be over soon. hang in there!

Meredith said...

just under 4 months until lilly is here....just over 2 months until graduation.... just under 1 month until we're there... and only a day and a half until the weekend.

you're amazing. you can do anything!

Joy Elizabeth Jackson said...

Rach! Go get that egg nog and drink the whole thing. Then I'll help burn down campus.

Anonymous said...

I love you sis. You're allowed to foget things every once in a while!

Can't wait till Thanksgiving!

Carly said...

Hi Rachel! I found your blog off of Heather's. Being pregnant and taking classes on campus is really hard, but stick with it and try not to get discouraged-- I got so depressed and upset with how hard it was that I didn't try very hard last semester and my grades really suffered. Good luck! You look great and congrats on a little GIRL! If you need anything, call! :) Carly