Wednesday, December 19, 2007

pure domination

Don't know if any of you know what its like to have an addiction, but I do. I used to have a problem in high school...chewing ice. Usually it means you have an iron deficiency, but the funny thing is my iron levels are fine and everything so I am at a loss. So I have been trying to overcome this addiction, because its SO bad for the teeth to be constantly chewing ice! I realized that I am surrounded by ity-bity little ice cubes everywhere, the snow! Now I just simply go down stairs with my cup, and fill it up with snow and dig in with my spoon, its wonderful, and its nice on the teeth. Unsanitary? quite possible. But I love it and its real good when you put some orange juice in there and its like a slushy! Try it out my fellow addicts, its works!
So last night we went bowling with our friends Bren and Rachel. It was a total blast, and it just so happened to be the first time that Chad and I have gone bowling together...ever! I titled this blog 'pure domination because that's exactly what happened, that's right, I bowled a 127! My poor competitors didn't even brake 100. But we did learn several techniques when bowling, my Chad tended to under-estimate his strength and about threw the ball almost all the way to the pins...the floor, I'm sure will never be the same. Bren was also very good at only hitting the one little pin on the far right...every time. Simply amazing.


Carly said...

Hey! Yeah it's a book, Shem's still on it so we keep referring to the book to see what he can eat and it has a meal plan, but you guys can definitely borrow it for a day or two and decide if you want to do it! Let me just stay, my parents have done it and if they can do it anyone can. Its pretty easy. :) Just give me a call! :)

A little Birdie... said...

So that means you ate them?! Haha...its really ok. I have had my share of goodies in the past couple days. Tell them thanks though and we love them too!