Tuesday, December 4, 2007


LAST Halloween my mom bought us a bunch of decorations, she got us this cute skeleton (which I named Skelly) and we hung it up on our light by our door. Pretty soon the Halloween season was over...and we kept it up. To this day it has never been moved, its our 'good luck skeleton'. Anywho, we came home from school last night and someone dressed Skelly up! I about died. So now Skelly is our up-to-date AND festive 'lucky skeleton'.


Meredith said...

aw... yay!! that is so cute. i'm so glad that skelly is all festive!!

the jensen's said...

Skelly is so dang cool. I bet he blows about in the wind like crazy. Hey guess what? We're coming back to Heartland! Same ward - yaaaaaay!