Thursday, January 10, 2008

'Just' , such a candle-snuffing word. 'Just'.

Finding Neverland anyone? I'm sure a lot of other moms get this ALL the time but I am starting to already and its already annoying. Typical conversation:

person: "So what are you doing now? Once Lily is born are you going to work/go get your masters or JUST stay home?"

me: "Yeah, I'm planning on being a stay-at-home-mom for as long as possible."

person: "that's so sweet.....(don't know what to say awkwardness)."

I guess I am sick of the word 'just' like its some easy task, to parent a child.


Carly said...

haha, yep. It's pretty obnoxious. :) Did you get my email??
We have some really fun recipes for South Beach phase 1. I'll write some down for you, but one that we love that's in the book is from phase 2 but works on phase one. Portabello mushroom pizzas-- easy and yummerz! I don't know if you are planning on nursing or not, but if you are the South Beach will dry up your supply because you don't eat any carbs, etc. I'm waiting until I'm done nursing to do it. If you aren't going to nurse I think you still need the docs approval to start a diet when you're post partum so maybe at your 6 week appointment you know? Just want to make sure you keep yourself (and Lily) healthy! :)

About Bro. Purse-- yeah, my mom is a convert, too and so it's really awesome to see how his perspective is a lot like what I grew up with-- it's really refreshing because a lot of times I feel like the religion professors are so one dimensional you know?

Brianne said...

Hi Rachel! Maybe you guys should "just" move home. I really don't get comments like that here. Usually I get comments like, "That's great!" or "I wish I could do that." I have a couple of non-LDS friends that wish they could stay home but they couldn't keep up their lifestyles if they did, so they keep working. What's the deal with Rexburg?

Meredith said...

i hate just too. ug. it started years ago when i would hear people say oh, that's just so-and-so.... arg!! and it should never be used in conjunction with stay-at-home mothers. your amazing.

Jessica Kettle said...

poo. get used to it. people are so dumb sometimes. I was always amazed at the idiotic things people will say to a pregnant woman. My personal fav: "wow, you're HUGE!" How does one take that?! You should start saying, "Yes, I will be solely responsible for the physical, spiritual, emotional and intellectual growth of an incredibly small human being 24/7 for the rest of eternity. So are you JUST working? going to school? Oh, you're JUST a brain surgeon? Huh. how nice for you."

Jessica Kettle said...

oh, and finish it off with a pitying, condescending look of concern for them.