Thursday, January 3, 2008

year in review

01/07- We start the new year with Heather and Cory, and Todd and Joy playing 'pounce' (a card game) probably for 8 hours straight. It was my final winter semester at BYUI, finishing up the Paramedic program. Loving sub-zero temps;) Chad got a great leadership position with the activities program here at BYUI...he and I were both really busy, and we barely saw each other.

02/07- I turned 21! Still working at the FD, still in school, and still freezing! My academic goals took a different turn than what was paramedic internship in Raleigh fell through and realized that I wanted to get my BS in Health Science and that Paramedicine wasn't the only degree I wanted...

03/07- Graduated the Paramedic program! What a relief, my parents and the WHOLE Meynders fam came out, including Mers all the way from NC! Chad turns 23, what a old man. We are still in school, still freezing...

04/07-Semester ended, the sun was starting to show up again and we are so excited for summer!

05/07-Summer semester has begun, with the sun! Chad and I are both playing competitive soccer and totally loved it. I quit the FD and got my oh so exciting security job back while Chad continued to run the activities program at school.Mers gets married to Marco! We flew out to bham for her wedding, got to see the Ski-to-Sea parade and Scotty's wicked drum skills, and a man in a hot-dog suit. I have a sneaky suspicion that our family of two was soon going to be a family of two, just one of us would be getting a little fatter than usual...

06/07- Suspicion correct! We are totally preggers, I feel great...just VERY tired, at first. We hated not telling people but we did pretty good. Then I started being very sick and my pants were getting a little loose, the boobs growing and I was moody...a little obvious? So we ended up telling our families at the end of this month, it was so fun to tell!

07/07- We get our first ultra-sound and see our little gummy bear wiggle around, it was such a cool thing to see. I'm still sick, well now sicker and still lose'n weight, but other than that life was great. Summer semester ends and starts the long break in between semesters, Chad works for TJ doing construction and I for the library. I read ALL 7 HPs in about 2 weeks and I also read the Eclipse series. We were also able to make a trip up to Sandpoint and see the Rands side of the fam, it was SO nice to get out of the berg and get some sun, and play in the water, let a lone be around a dang cool family.

08/07- Continuing to enjoy the break, and still surviving on crackers and Gatorade:) On the plus side, our friends Todd and Joy move up to the exciting town of Rexburg, its always nice to have good friends around town. We also make another trip out to bham, stay with my fam for a while, visit LaConner and fun stuff, THEN we go to Lake Roosevelt with the Meynders fam, it was a blast and we stayed at an amazing cabin in the middle of no where.

09/07-The beginning of the end. I start my 21 credit load, with an internship and work, and preggers last semester, BUT I am no longer sick! Chads taking on the same load except he has to deal with a pregnant woman rather than be pregnant, and he works as a secretary and basically gets paid to do homework and listen to Pandora. He has now starting narrowing down grad schools he wants to apply to and is studying hard for the nasty GMAT.

10/07- We are having a GIRL! Definitely a big highlight of the year was finding out the gender of our baby. I loved seeing Chad's face when the ultra-sound tech told us, it kinda melted and lit up at the same time (shes already got him wrapped around her finger) We decide to name our little girl Lily. By now I'm out of the awkward stage and am no longer looking chubby but am officially showing now. Basically it happened over night.The fall is beautiful and we love our walks together out side.

11/07- Lily's kinda-cousin Isaac is born! Chad and I are some of the first people to hold him and see his cute curly red hair. Lily is growing and so am I, breathing is starting to get hard. Its major crunch time in classes. Thanksgiving in UT with the Knutson family was awesome, its a rare occurrence for us all to be together so it was awesome. The sisters and madre threw a wonderful baby shower for me, Lily now has more clothes than Chad and I combined:)

12/07- I graduated college!!!!! wooo hooo! Thats a huge check on my list of things to do. Christmas was with the Meynders family here in the burg, we totally scored but it was nothing compared to Hayden and Kayla (nephew and niece) who made a total haul!:) It was nice to just be with fam and relax, no traveling is a good thing. We celebrated 2 years of marriage on the 28th, which was awesome, we went to Jackson and pretended we were rich:) The year ended with Chad going on a 24hr fishing trip with Curtis and us having sushi at their house until 3 am, along with a root beer keg:) we know how to partay!

So there you have it folks, our year in review. Its been a good one, we are really excited for this coming year and hope its just as action packed...(minus the pregnant part).

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Janice said...

I know you're not "my" family, but I just love you two. I love reading about all you've been doing. Besides, you're my daughter's best friend, so what's not to love?!:) Hang in there, you're counting down now:)

Nana Janice