Friday, January 4, 2008


Well I went to the doctor yesterday. I really like my doctor(s) (there are are 3 that rotate). Turns out I am measuring 2 WEEKS A HEAD! Translation? I asked my doc, and he said that
A) she could come a few weeks early (which could be like in a week or so) or
B) My uterus is tilted forward making me measure bigger than what she really is...even though at the beginning of the pregnancy my uterus was inverted, that's why I wasn't really showing til 5-6 months or
C)I am going to have a big baby. Hes leaning towards C because of the size Chad was when he
was born. And unfortunately I agree with the doc.
So they are going to be monitoring me closely, and now I am going in every week so that's nice, but if I am still measuring a head then they will do an another ultrasound to see how big this girl really is and it could mean a scheduled induction a little early or a C-section...I really want a natural birth (with drugs) I want to be able to recover more quickly, and with C-sections you have to give yourself more time to heal and what not. So there it is, my prego up-date as of late.
Are we ready for this baby? Are you ever ready to a parent? We'll find out, we are SOOOO excited, and I can not wait to be NOT pregnant:) Her room is all ready, we got lots of clothes, diapers and wipes and a whole slew of other stuff.
So now I kinda have a count-down, her due date was a month from yesterday...but lets all cross our fingers for a few weeks early k?


Carly said...

Well good luck, Rachel! You just never know. You could be measuring two weeks ahead and still go over your due date by two weeks, you know? Babies have growth spurts even in the belly so things could still even out (that's what I was hoping for when I was measuring big, I was hoping I wasn't having a huge kid!!) I will never be induced again unless I absolutely have to, now that I know what it's like and stuff. I really wish I would have been more up-to-speed about everything. I mean, it's the choice we made and I'm glad we did and we had prayed about it and so I know we did the right thing, I just wish I didn't have to go through that! I hope you go early, so you don't have to be uncomfortable much longer!! You are an awful cute prego, though. So at least you know you look good. :)

Meredith said...

hahaha... i love your random posts too.... and i can't express how stoked i am for juice/baby parties!!! and we can be all crafty together and stuff!! The inspection is supposed to be done this weekend and hopefully we'll know something for solid by monday!! We're looking for a new vehicle.... tahoe style... so we can pull our stuff cross country... we just can't do anything yet until the way is golden and we know we're going to be out there. sometimes i wish i had a crystal ball.