Saturday, March 29, 2008

celebrity crush.

A while back we were watching TV with Jess and Danny and some guy popped up on the TV and she was like: 'hes my celebrity crush'!wow. So of course Chad and I had to figure ours out. This is NOT an easy task! After long discussions, I have narrowed my celebrity crushes to two dudes. Yes I have two, because I don't want to hurt either of these guys feelings ya know?

Mike Rowe, from Dirty Jobs is one of mine and Rob Thomas is the other.

We also opened up whole new level of celebrity crushes, now most of you know my sexual orientation, I am married to a man and love HIM. but we are also allotted a celebrity gay crush. Mine is Padma, from Top Chef. So if you are bored and want an idea for a post I tag you to discover your celeb crushes...and don't judge me, my husband, or my cousin and her husband please.


Joy Elizabeth Jackson said...

I'm soooo judging you. Weirdos.

Carly said...

hahahaha that is so funny i was just talking to sheena about celebrity crushes the other day, and one of mine is mike rowe, too! what a hunk of man! hahaha :)