Thursday, March 27, 2008

nothing but somthing I guess...

Its hard to believe that in two weeks and 6 hours I will no longer Live in Rexburg! We are about 2/3 of the way packed, its sad to see our apartment so barren. But honestly I can not wait, I cant wait to be by family, old friends and NO SNOW. That's right it totally snowed yesterday and today. Bellingham here we come! I am excited for the rain, the ocean, the lake, the farmers market, the good restaurants...oh I could go on.

so the picture of Lily in all pink is of her at 2 months, the one in the purple is of her at one month. If you cant tell in the picture she has grown SO MUCH!

Its exciting but sad at the same time to see her grow, I love my little baby Lily. She is just so sweet. Chad and I were talking yesterday and I was telling him that if I don't hold her for a few hours I miss her! Even at night she is now sleeping for almost 7hrs straight and when she wakes up I am so excited to hold her cause I missed her so much:) isn't that silly? I just really can not get enough of her.

Another joyous part of moving and packing is realizing the random food that is in the pantry. So we didn't want waste the random food and buy more last night what did we have for dinner? Chicken enchiladas made with 'manwhich sloppy-joe' stuff and Swiss cheese. I did add salsa and cream of chicken soup to the mix and surprisingly it was pretty good! Tonight we will be having another adventure with food...wish us luck!


Brianne said...

Just an FYI... It did in fact snow here yesterday and some places are supposed to get snow over the next couple of days. But don't worry, it's definitely not Rexburg snow :-). Good luck with the move!

April said...

I can totally relate! Every single day I look at my boys and can't believe how big they are. Many times I've wished that time could just stand still so I'd always remember how sweet and small they are!
I guess I'm just another sappy mom.

Johnny and Eirian said...

okay SO jealous that you're going to get to live in san diego! Is it a two year program? Johnny and I will end up either in S.D. (where all of his family and about half of mine live), or in bellingham (where i'm from)...just toughing out the Tacoma thing until he finishes D-school :) Congrats to both of you, and get ready to enjoy some major doses of sunshine and beaches (you'll have to tell me what that's like since all we have here is rain and spring snow!)