Wednesday, March 19, 2008

rain + snow = less snow!

that's right, its raining and its melting our snow away! I am loving it, I am from WA and if you haven't rains a lot there. And I just love it. I cant wait to live back in Bellingham for a few months and get my rain fill before we are off to San Diego.


Janice said...

okay, I'm sick of rain. Wanna trade places?! I'll come and live next to my daughter and you can have the rain in the NW:) Hey, congrats on being able to go home, although I'm sad for Heather and Cory. And San Diego, how fun...AND SUNNY!!!!

Mama Janice

Carly said...

I LOVE the rain, too! We livedin Puyallup for awhile, and I have missed the rain ever since. I guess it still rains in Oregon, just not near as much :)

Janice said...

hey, thanks for remembering us and sending us an announcement!
she's so darling, but you already know that:) I hope you keep this blog up when you move, 'cause if you don't I'll really miss checking up on you!:)

Nana Janice

Anonymous said...

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