Saturday, March 1, 2008

splish-spalsh, she loves the that sposed to rhyme?

Lily LOVES to take baths, she used to fight us getting in but she doesn't even do that anymore..

This is Chad trying to teach Lily how to walk, note her can tell she just loves it
this is my favorite outfit of hers, the boots, don't really go but man they are awesome, she can not kick them off no matter how hard she tries, and they are so warm, thanks again Jess!


Carly said...

she is just beautiful! stella loves baths too! its a good way to get her to calm down on a really fussy day, too, keep that in mind if ya need it! :)

good to see you today, you look great as always!

Anonymous said...

I love little Lily. :) hehe! She's so beautiful! DUDE I'm on this thingy now. You've inspired me to enter the world of blogging.

Jessica Kettle said...

haha I love those boots on her. Max is wearing his out!