Sunday, April 27, 2008


so i am totally a person that usually checks my blog like around 10 times a day and posts something multiple times a day but we still don't have Internet at our apt so i am sorry i haven't been able to be so hard core as i usually am. Tuesday is when its supposed to some...cross your fingers, i have so many thoughts and pics i want to share and now i have to store them up for whenever we come to my parents house:) so i will return, no fears, Tuesday.
btw:isnt it like Christmas seeing that you have a new comment????


Kelsey said...

I've been wondering why you've been such a slacker. ;) I can't wait to hear more about Bellingham and how it is to be back.

Unknown said...

I totally know how you feel about new comments. BTY I'm totally jealous that you're back in B'ham. I love it there! Steve and I have so many good memories there. Glad to hear you guys are settling in just fine. Take care!