Thursday, April 24, 2008


thats right, finally i am sitting here blogging. sorry its been forever. honestly is been the longest stretch of time with out a blog, my deepest apologies.
so we are here in bellingham. its amazing. i am in LOVE all over again with the NW and specifically bham. we have an amazing apt and i seriously say to chad everyday 'i cant believe it, we are so blessed!!!' its just all in all just amazing. ha can i say that any more? there is no snow here meaning that chad and i have been able to go running almost everyday on beautiful trails and just around the cool neighborhoods around town. we live in the 'wood-hood' meaning a ghetto part of the city but the house we live in is brand new. the lady we live below said its not smart for me to go running by my self unless i take on of their dogs with me which is totally cool with me, we are no joke a mile from the ocean and streets of awesome 100 year old houses that are just beautiful and placed like right on a cliff over the harbor...just awesome. the weather has been typical, overcast but 60s, last weekend it was high 70's so just perfect.
we get to see our families a lot which is wonderful, its been 4 years since i have been back here really...for a long period of time that is. speaking of, we had Lily's baby blessing last weekend, Chad gave a really sweet blessing on our little peanut and she only screamed through half.
Lily has her favorites already. she LOVEs the grandpas, my dad and toyke. Lisette (chads mom) on the other hand...not so much she screams when she gets close...kinda funny but sad for Nana:) she just has to be around more and Lily will grow to love her right?? she likes uncle TJ and cousin Hayden...basically all the men, no girls but her momma. although when my sisters were in town janell was able to hold her, she figured out the bouncing technique:) she also loved uncle Ryan, he can hold her and not even bounce! I can tell she dose miss her aunt heather and joy and kathleen a lot though, and uncles cory, todd and curtis:)
Chad got a job at the NW golf course about 6 miles away so when it get lighter out earlier he will right his bike to work and ill have the car...which isnt that big of a deal anywho cause he gets home at noon anyways...he loves work though...totally low key, NO stress and hes outside...what else could ya want eh?
well this is all random, lily is now mad at me so i better go feed her, sorry for poor grammar and miss spellings...time is short.
ps the office is tonight and i cant wait!!!!!
the awesome running store...great trails are right near by that lead to the board walks and awesome ocean smells....and views...and sail boats...and cool people...all in all amazing.

random pics of the south side of b-ham, fairhaven, our FAVORITE place on earth...well one of them.
Lily, being awesome.
the best part of our bedroom...double closets!!!!

our bedroom

lily has her own room too but its just crammed full of boxes and is not too pretty...but its bigger than our room...which is huge
the very messy kitchen

The CASA!!!!!


Joy Elizabeth Jackson said...

Oh my gosh! Pretty sure your apartment is nicer than ANYTHING we will ever live in. Please don't go running alone. And we are moving up to bham, so clean out lily's room because it's now ours. :)

Jeff, Traci and Kaden said...

I'm so happy (and jealous) you guys are home in Bellingham!! And you left just in time too because we practically had a blizzard today :( Reading your blog made me want to return home. We're for sure moving back to Washington for the fall. I think we'll end up in Seattle but if not there, then Bellingham.

A little Birdie... said...

Love, love, love it! HOw does it feel to be out in the "real world"? Thanks for finally posting! We're missing Lily too...and you of course! Oh, and we'll be in WA Aug. 6-13, but you'll probably be gone huh? Bummer!

Janice said...

ALL things beautiful! Glad you finally got around to blogging again.

Nana Janice

Carly said...

Hey! I'm so excited for you guys!!!
Keep the pictures coming we miss the NW too!!

April said...

Wow your house is so beautiful! It's amazing how much Heavenly Father blesses us, you can see it when things just seem to work out and fall right into place!
It was good seeing you on Sunday we'll have to get together soon! P.S. The Colophan Cafe is one of my favorites too!

Ryan, Sheena, and Riley said...

FINALLY!! We have missed you guys. It is good to hear from you! I am so jealous.It anowed in Rexburg a couple days ago. ahhh.

Lara said...

Welcome home! We were thrilled to hear when your little Lily was born--our Lili will be 5 this summer! Congrats on all of the wonderful changes :)
Lara N (from the old 3rd Ward/new 2nd Ward)

LinnieBell said...

downtown bellingham!! the old brick buildings! colophon cafe! i miss it!! summertime in bellingham = amazing!

the jensen's said...

What a great house! We're glad you're having fun with family and enjoying WA. Scott is jealous that Chad gets to work at a golf course.