Wednesday, April 2, 2008


Uncle Todd and Lily yelling 'Surprise!"

Isaac loving whip cream

so it went down like this....

Chad and Curtis went fishing all day while Kathleen and I got her house set up and stuff for the partay. We had tons of ice cream w/ lots of candy to put on it, along w/ homemade chocolate sauce...soooooo good!There was plenty of chips and dips as well as shrimp cocktail too. Chad came over expecting dinner w/ just us and the Eves but instead found about 20 peeps crammed inside yelling 'surprise!!!' It turned out to be a total blast, and Lily only had one melt down;)

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Joy Elizabeth Jackson said...

I thought that was spit-up on Isaac. Yes, that dip was fantastic. I'm SOOOO SAD you guys are leaving!