Thursday, May 8, 2008

breaking news!

Lily rolled over!!! Back to tummy, to back again!!! No help by mommy either. She HATES being on her tummy still that's why she can roll so good I guess. Its funny cause we were just over at our friend's Hannah and Caleb place last night and showed them how she hates it so bad, and then today this?I have never been so proud in my life, its like she graduated from Harvard Law in 3 months, that's how I feel:) I know I am excited now but this just means mobility is soon approaching...which is crazy. (I'll post pictures, I have to blue-tooth them over from my phone to Chads computer first though, so have patience)


A little Birdie... said...

ha! Isaac just rolled over like 3 weeks ago. Way to go Lil! Show him up!

Carly said...

That is so cute!! It just is so much fun watching them discover what they are capable of!
Loved your most recent post, as well- you're a beautiful person Rachel!