Friday, May 9, 2008


another tag, I like this one. Its a mommy one.
What time does my kid wake up? Usually around 4:45, I feed her and then we both sleep some times until 8! I honestly can say I get more sleep now then I did when I was a student.
How long have I been a mom? 3 months, 13 days
What is my favorite kid show?Right now? Well Lily just likes seeing movement and different colors, so I love that she enjoys the Office:)
Favorite chore? I'm confused, I consider Breastfeeding a chore. I will go with that being my favorite, its a pain in the neck, or boob for that matter, but its bonding time with my little Lils and I know its good for us both.
Favorite meal to cook? BBQ stuff, the people we live below have an AWESOME grill...we get to use it whenever we want too!
What is your favorite thing that Chad does with Lily? I love finding them asleep together, shes usually laying on his chest, I love when they have heart to heart talks too. Which usually involve Chad telling Lily that boys are bad, and that you cant look at them until shes home from her mission (23 years old)
What are the 5 things that make me smile while being a mom? When I try and feed her in the morning and she just looks at me from the corner of her eye and smiles with her tongue out. The noises she makes. Her pooping face. When she falls asleep in my arms. Watching her develop and progress more and more each day.
Where do I want to take my kid someday? We want to travel, so they will be cultured, but of course Disneyland too.
One thing you said you'd never do as a mom? I was smart, I never said those words, cause I knew that you end up eating them once you have a kid.
Favorite quality that your mom has? my real mom, I remember she always told us how important we were, and she was hilarious! We would get off the bus with a friend and already be embarrassed because we could already hear Jimmi Hendrex from down the street blaring, and I knew she had out the broom aka the air guitar. Cathy, my step mom, she has been through so much and is so strong, and she is momma bear when it comes to us kids:)
Advice for new moms? enjoy EVERY stage your kids go through. I try not to say "I cant wait for Lily to talk, or walk," or whatever, cause she will eventually and I don't wanna miss out on her just wiggling and discovering her hands. My mom said this but pertaining to life, and I feel she really did that, which I think was important because she passed away young.
I tag: April, Jess K (forget the other one if you don't have time, do THIS one) Brianne, and Jenn Gent.

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