Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Briannes tag...(and yes this is my 2nd post of the day)

Rules of this Tag:1. Answer the questions about the list of friends and/or family on your blog.
2. If you don’t have 18 names answer the question about the next name that you have not had a question for on your list.
3. Tag 5 people.
 When did you first meet the first person on your list? Alli: Ummm...I think it was in September, in the Activities Office.
 What do you like about the third person on your list's blog?Brianne: HA! she tagged me, and shes got a really cute baby, AND She did flag/drill team in HS and I though that was the coolest.
 What do you like best about the fifth and sixth people on your list?Carly: I always liked her comments in our sunday school class, also a great photographer! And she let us borrow her South Beach book for about an eternity and didnt kill us. Cory and Heather: What can I say? Heath has been one of my best buds since frosh orientation at BYUI, we were room mates, and then we got married we were neighbors...my fave thing about her? that we can talk about tv shows together and not feel like total loosers...and shes good a dang cute baby boy!Plus they (Cory and Heath) are a great team, and I know they will always be there for us
 How long have you known the ninth person on your list?Janell: I have known Janell since I was in third grade, she moved away and then when she moved back she was my sister! so i think thats about...11 years.
 What impresses you about the eleventh and twelfth people on your list? Jenna Gent: she was my Mia Maids advisor, I just thought she was the coolest person ever, SO crafty, always dressed cute and was a great teacher, now shes still all that stuff and has a dang cute little girl! I guess the thing that impresses me is that she chose to be a stay-at-home mommy when she totally had a great job. And I still have that little orange book you made me when I left for college, its very special to me. Jess the photog: Jess is my cousin, I idolized her growing up, i wanted her blonde hair, to be good at gymnastics and wear her black and white adidas shoes (sombas) in 5th grade. She impresses me cause shes got perfect taste in style and holy cow, a God given gift in photography! A great mommy, plus shes a total babe!
 What is a memory you have with the sixteenth person on your list? Lisa Kinghorn! my old roomate, one funny memory i have is one night we all stayed up late in the kitchen and talked about sex, all 4 of us, how funny!!! remember that? And we worked out together alot, went running, to the heart, your dads old gym...we did good too!
 Say something nice about the eighteenth person on your list. Mers: BEAUTIFUL eyes, shes got the mommy glow, and totally made me feel welcome in the Meynders fam when we went to Beans graduation.
 Tag five people: Nicole, Heather, Carly, Jess K, Mers


Brianne said...

Yea, you did my tag! I didn't know you thought I was cool in HS :-). It sure was nice back in the day to have younger people think you are cool. Now I'm just another uncool old person.

jenn gent said...

Oh, you totally made my day! Thanks Rachel!