Wednesday, May 7, 2008

a morning in the life of...

Us. Chad wakes up at 4:45 for work and Lily usually wakes up around then too so she can see him before he leaves:)...or to eat, you pick. I feed her breakfast part 1 and when she is done she is the happiest baby ever, all smiles and jumps for about an hour and a half and then its breakfast part 2 and then she is out cold! This is our morning cuddle time, her and I take our morning nap together, usually from like 7-8. Today is a horse of a different color though, she is still asleep and I must be part ninja cause I was able to move her off my arm, and get off of our creaky bed and she didnt wake up!! So if you were one of the ones that called me this morning and I was kinda really quiet it was cause it was during cuddle time and I didnt wanna wake her up!:)
These past few days I have just have really come aware of how WONDERFUL being a mom is, I seriously LOVE it, I LOVE LOVE LOVE my little Belle. She is so sweet, so fun, and I just cant get enough of her. I dont care that she wakes me up in the middle of the night, or poops out her diaper or screams in the car. Its all an adventure. She is such a gift, every night in my prayers I cant thank God enough for sending me a little angel, I am seriously tearing up right now thinking of it:) Being a mom just plain is the best thing I have ever, and will do.
These are her 'animal friends' jammies...when wearing them, a stranger cant tell if she is a boy or girl:) Sorry Lils, I guess thats why I made them strictly jammies.

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A little Birdie... said...

she jumps now too? Or is that just what you call it when she's awake. Either way we miss you guys! I posted a pad thai recipe on the blog, and if you've never made home-made pad thai, you'll LOVE this one! And even if you have before, i'm sure this one kicks its trash.