Saturday, May 17, 2008


I get some new pictures up. an of course, they are all out of order.....

We go walking every morning, usually front-pack style unless I run, then its pure reclining delight in the stroller. As you can see our walks are either REALLY boring or just so exciting it wares her out.
This is a pic of her having a rolling party, I love how she holds her hands like that!
Just a happy morning.
OK. Last night Chad and I went on a date, Lily got to play w/ grammy and we went out...not going to lie it was weird not having her, took a while to adjust. Anywho...we found our new fave! Fool's Onion, in Fairhaven. OH.MY.GOSH. Amazing, for example, blueberry basil sorbet, sounds odd, but simply perfect. Was pricey but SO worth it. The pic is from where we were sitting, our own balcony! We could totally see the bay, and people watch the who time.
These delectables are from farmers market, soooo good and made with beets and carrots and stuff...sounds gross but couldn't even taste them. Any Belinghamers out there, if you want a friend to go to the market with, I'm your girl.

(disclaimer: all the pics are from my phone, sorry they aren't the best)


Alisha and Braeden said...

Oh Lily is getting so big! She is cute. I wish we were having as much fun as your guys are and I wish we had someone to watch the office with!

Joy Elizabeth Jackson said...

It breaks my heart how big lily is getting. :( But, I'm glad you are having fun. We NEED to come visit you.

Johnny and Eirian said...

I miss Bellingham, and I REALLY miss the farmer's market!! Thanks for letting me live vicariously through you! :)

Joy Elizabeth Jackson said...

I had no idea you called back. My stupid phone...I'll call you today. I have something to send you, so I need your address. (Don't give it to me on this, I'll get it when I call.)

April said...

The next sunny Saturday, I am going with you to the Farmer's market, I wanted to go so badly last Saturday but just couldn't get there.
Thanks for your hilarious comment about slapping people you always crack me up!