Monday, May 26, 2008

a little and a list.

So this weekend has been busy busy busy, and sorry, no pictures to prove it. We left Thursday night for Salem OR (our home in 2 months). We stayed with our awesome friends the Shurtz for two nights while we checked out Willamette, the town and housing situation's. The school sounds like a perfect fit for Chad, its great! Its a small but BEAUTIFUL campus, all old brick buildings and awesome landscaping, a little river runs through the whole thing. The town its self is pretty similar to Bellingham...except no ocean, but there is a river. Next we checked out housing, which brings me to my list:

of random stuff on my mind, or happenings.

1. We looked at a lot of options for housing down there. Lots of nice places only a few miles away. We need it to be close to Willamette cause Chad will be riding his bike everyday (for the most part) and also safe, and close to stores so I can survive:) So now its time to decide, can we make it work in a one bedroom? There are 3 of us now, but in the long saves a lot of mulah. I think we can, just a big adjustment.

b. I am officially starting 'the colon cleanse' thing today. Meaning for 7 days I drink a LOT of fluids....and no food. They say do it for 2 weeks...I dont know if I can do that.Wish me luck, I am excited though, to see results as well as detox myself ya know? (disclaimer:I am NOT doing this to lose weight, that is just asking for trouble, I really am doing this for helping down south)I am probably going to be posting lots on hunger and food I was wishing to eat, but in the long run I really think this will be good.
III.Lily has a tooth coming in!!!! AHHH that means she is a big girl and it makes me sad. She has been amazingly wonderful though, she just likes it a LOT when we rub her little gums. She can almost sit up by her self now too!
four. Lily is FOUR MONTHS TODAY!!! Is that not insane??Rice cereal here we come!


April said...

Hey Rachel, I am probably not the best person to give advice on this subject but I am a testimony that you WILL survive in a one bedroom! As you know we have two boys and another on the way and we have been living here in a one bedroom for four years!! Yes, it sounds crazy but we've had free rent a huge yard right across the street from the lake and the park so it's hard to give that up for more room. You just do what you have to do and guess what it's not really that bad!

Also, I did a colon cleanse last fall and lived on ONLY fresh vegetable and fruit juice for 10 days! It was the hardest thing I've ever done but I felt SO much better. I hope to be able to do it every year as long as I'm not breast feeding or pregnant, so good luck and I can't waite to hear how it goes!!

Joy Elizabeth Jackson said...

Yes, one room should work. One BIG room. Campus sounds like a movie. Tell me how the liquid diet works...I've always wondered. Can you have smoothies? This will be really hard, but I have faith in you. Oh, and I love Jason Marz, too.

Holly said...

Hey Rache,

I have to get my two cents in as a future (this fall) registered dietitian...

I don't think you should do a colon cleanse or detox diet. There is no scientific basis for it. It can even be dangerous. It does not promote a healthy lifestyle. A well balanced diet and physical activity is the key to a healthy lifestyle. If you really are having digestive problems, you should go get it checked out by an appropriate physician.

Please read these articles before you decide to "cleanse" because I think it's important to be informed:

If you still want to try it after reading them, that's fine--it's your colon, I just have to look out for my cuz ;)
love ya