Thursday, May 1, 2008

a lot of random

I really dont want to jinx this, but Lily has slept through the night the past 4 this going to stick or is it just a lucky streak?....I didnt want to say anything but I was so excited I just had to share the news! Last night she fell asleep at Chad's parent's house in Mer's arms around 6:30 and we left at 9:30 and she was still asleep...we had to wake her up when we got home so we could change her and I could feed her, then she slept the whole night! We wake up around six but still...I am now getting at least 6-7 hours consecutively which is wonderful. She is also fitting into her 3-6 months clothes (still a little big) which is so fun cause that means I can bust out a whole new wardrobe! she basically had a box full of 3-6 month stuff that is SO dang cute, dont worry Im sure Ill probably get board and play dress up with her and post all the pictures.

on another note, I talked to my friend yesterday who is still in Rexburg, he said it was snowing on the walk home from classes...I seriously wanted to cry for him and all my other friends that are still there. So for all of you there, my heart goes out to you! dont be ashamed to use some Prozac.

on an other another note, my Bishop from when I was younger was killed in a bike accident yesterday. I cant believe it, I was talking to Chad and when someone has cancer, like my mom did, when they die you are kind of you know its coming, this was just so sudden its impossible to comprehend. I just saw him this weekend and now hes gone...just amazing. But there is comfort in knowing that his family is forever and they will see him again. Terry Matthews was and is a wonderful man.

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Joy Elizabeth Jackson said...

I know what you mean. One of my old branch presidents died of a heart attack the other day. Last time I saw him he said "it's such a 'joy' to have you back!"...he said that every time. Crazy I won't hear that next time I'm home.