Wednesday, May 14, 2008

nick names.


Jim and Jan.

So Chad and I are huge nick-name people. Basically anyone we become friends with, with in a few days they will have a nick name, and are rarely called by their real names ever again. This being said we have nick names for each other, they aren't cute, or really have any meaning behind them at all either.

Chads nick name?: Jiminy, shortened to Jim, sometimes Jimmle.

My nick name?: Janis, shortened to Jan.

This all started a long time ago when one day I just said to Chad 'Im going to start calling you Jiminy.' and he said: 'fine then I call you Janis.' And it totally stuck.

So please dont be confused or think that we accidentally call each other past boy/girlfriends names or that there is something weird or kinky behind the names or something, just weird nick names.


A little Birdie... said...

your old house...i miss your old house. now the kid that lives there put in weird lightbulbs. It lokos like he's in a reptile tank.

Kelsey said...

Nice. We are big nickname people too. When we were the nursery leaders every kid in there had one, from Tank to Chubs. I can't even remember any of their real names anymore. : )

Joy Elizabeth Jackson said...

I don't think you gave us one...maybe jodd and toy? And don't feel bad about not breast feeding anymore. I'm glad you are taking care of yourself! Plus, you did an awesome job keeping up with it. You are a great mommy! Oh, and have you read the new Stephenie Meyer book "Host"? I just finished it. It's pretty dang good to say the least. Sorry this is a long comment, we just need to talk more!

Logan and Lisa said...

Wow, I love your hair! You look so dang cute!!

Janice said...

great nickname, but you spell it all wrong. It's "Janice" :)

Heather's mom (Janice)