Saturday, June 28, 2008

buncha pics/friday with my loves

this morning Lily and I woke up round 4:45 and she was WIDE awake and cheery. So we went upstairs cause our neighbors are gone and we are dog sitting, and I felt bad for Cody so we played with him upstairs and watched 'Eight Below' ...and Im a huge nerd and totally got choked up in that cheezy movie. Chad found us like this on the couch around 7, so for all of you out there who wake up a little later than 4:45 just think, when you are waking up, I am taking my first nap of the day:)
Yesterday was SUCH a fun day! we rode our bikes everywhere, this place is by the Mt. Baker Theatre and I love love love it, so i finally took a pic of it. so our day adventures started after we washed our car, we rode down to the marina and looked at all the boats, then rode our bikes to boulevard park. AMAZINGLY beautiful, for any of you bellinghamers, take the trail that starts at the farmers market (down town) and ride it/walk it to the park its so dang beautiful and flat, so good for kids. we hung out there for a few hours and then rode back home in time for a BBQ with the Meynders gang. (Im explaining this all now cause i put all the pics on out of order:))
After the BBQ we went to my favorite place ever, Malards. I got a scoop of Lavender and a scoop of peach almond icecream....DA-VINE.

Toyke and Lisette
Marco and Mers

So this is from earlier in the day at boulevard park (note the sail boat in the back ground, there were a bunch out there) shes a rolling machine, and now is stick'n her little tiny bum in the air trying to scoot, its so dang cute i can barely stand it!
munch'n the fingers
"You cant be serious"
'Tadaaaa!" she is such a show off, and a flirt, she would chirp and squeel when people would walk by and then would smile all bashfully at them when they gave her much wanted attention.

end with a kiss. (3 years yesterday Chad purposed!)

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Angela said...

Hey Chad, got to your blog from Laura's. Fun to see pics of you and your wife and beautiful baby. She is sooooo cute. The pics at Boulevard Park are precious! Hope you are well.