Thursday, June 26, 2008

what is with me?

i seriously am like falling apart, last night as i was going to bed i realized how achy and sore i was...didnt really think anything of it, thought it has something to do with the really long walk i took yesterday and i thought my stuffy nose was just my alergies. no. i wake up with the worst sore throat i have ever had in my 22 years of life, a wicked bad runny nose and my right ear hurts. grrrrr. first the gall bladder thing (did the ultra sound yesterday, results back today maybe) and now this??? either i am just having a real bad week or the Lord is trying to tell me something. and to make it better i cant just lay around today and try and nurse myself back to health, we are teaching a dating class at youth conference on Whidbey Island today...
thanks for listening to my complaining shesh
on a lighter note: Lils is 5 months today!!!! ahh, she is my little beast, no worries ill post some pics of her later today, and hopefully some of youth conference too.


Alisha and Braeden said...

Well I hope you feel better! It's not fun being sick!

Jeremy Saunders said...


You did not even show it at Youth Conference, I thought you did a great job. I am bummed we had to leave early and we could not chat. I bet you have allergies. One year I had allergies so bad I thought for sure I was dying. Very sore throat, sinuses, ears, the whole bit. Swollen eyes, really, the allergies got worse with each child too. I hope you get better soon!

Carly said...

oh Rach! how sad!! I hope you feel better soon!

your little lillikins is perfection! happy 5 months!