Monday, June 2, 2008

Lily, part beast.

So Hannah got this rock'n thermal outfit for Lily, it is for 6 months...Lily is 4 months...and its a little tight. Lily is growing like a weed...or a beast?

as of yesterday morning she has discovered her tongue and it always sticking it out, especially when its windy, she likes to taste the air?
Little piggy toes.


A little Birdie... said...

Love the tongue, and love the girl!

April said...

She is SO adorable and looks just like you!!
The tempura and sushi party looked like tons of fun, and now I am hungry! I LOVE both of those foods and need to learn how to make them!
I hope you are having fun here in Bellingham we still need to get together I will be giving you a call when the weather gets sunny for a bbq!!

Carly said...

haha Watch out, our girls have toooooo much in common! :)

royce and aubree said...

those jammies are so cute!! she is so adorable!! don't feel bad that she is in a 6 month outfit..that swimsuit grace has is a 9 month and it's almost too small!! i think some clothes just run small or at least we can pretend!! i got the jacket at target isn't it so cute!! its probably not that comfortable but oh well i guess!! no the weather has been real bad here but that day there was a little sun for a minute so we took advantage of that!!