Thursday, June 5, 2008

old times.

When Chad and I were first married we lived in a tiny apartment above a bridal shop and were blocks from everything we needed: work, school, stores and play. So we long-boarded EVERYWHERE. even grocery shopping at 10pm, we would board down the street with back packs on and fill those with our food. It was awesome.After school we would board around campus, which is illegal but I worked for the cops so we never got in trouble. So fun. Well tonight I was rocking Lily to sleep humming primary church songs to her, and noticed my long board leaning up against her crib, and it brought back all these memories. Maybe next date Chad and I go on will be boarding....cause its kinda hard to board with a baby in your arms:)


Carly said...

aw, I love you two! So cute. Arent' those newlywed memories awesome? sometimes it breaks my heart we don't have crazy times like that much anymore haha

The T&C Food Network said...

What a babe, I am such a lucky guy. Marrying a fox like you... good for me!!