Tuesday, July 15, 2008

''addition by subtraction'' -Andy Bernard

Dwight the bobble-head is the newest addition to our family! My dad was in NY and got this for us at the NBC store. Proof that my dad truly loves us.
Yesterday we ran into an old friend Bethany (Grahm) Schachterle and her little Lily! I can not get enough of her, she is tiny!!! shes in the 10th percentile for height and like 5th for her weight, shes tiny!!! I think 2 months older than my Lily...as you can see she makes my Lils look like a beast a BEAST! Its was so cute, we held them up to each other and the both immediately started smile'n and squawking...and flailing
This is after tiny Lily poked beast Lily in the face.

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Holly said...

Hey I know her! you probably fogured that out though since their link is on my blog...