Saturday, July 12, 2008

long day of move'n

Today was the 2nd day of the Relay For Life here in Bham. Lisette's work (Chad's mom) helped sponsor and donate to the cause so we stopped by for a little while and walked a bit.
Of course we rode our bikes there, as we were approaching the course (around the public library here) and all the walkers and the booths set up every where, I had a hard time steering cause I got all choked up and teary eyed. Laura Knutson was my mom who died when I was 11, This is the bag that Lisette made in honor of her, I thought it was pretty sweet. I was over whelmed at all the bags with people's names on it, SO many people have felt that pain that my mom felt, along with as all those that loved her. There was a great spirit of hope there, and support. When we were doing our final lap I saw some kids with a t-shirt that said 'Cancer SUCKS' and I really got teary eyed cause if you knew my mom, that is SO her. I do miss her an awful lot, especially now that I have Lily, I wish I could show Lil to her and see her play with her. Carolyn Haas said something sweet in a card when Lils was born "She is so sweet, I bet your mom helped in picking her out" and I'd like to think she did. I miss her so much, but I know that my family is forever cause we sealed together in the temple, and I will be seeing her again...and what a sweet reunion that will be.
They MANY names in the Meynders family who have passed away from cancer...there was basically a whole row dedicated just to them.
just a view of all the bags. I saw one of a girl from FHS that was only 16 when she died, the kid's shirt was right: Cancer sucks.
Lils and Chad in the final lap.
here you can kinda see all the RVs lined up, this was a 24 hr breaks.

So now I am officially exhausted! This morning when Chad got home from work we walked to Starbucks (bout a 4 mile walk) then biked to the relay, walked there, then rode our bikes to Lake Paden (bout 14 miles round trip) and when we were there we ran round the lake (2.6 miles) needless to say: I AM TIRED!!


Jeremy Saunders said...

Rachel thanks a lot for making me cry. I wish I had known your mom, she sounds like a great lady, and you are a great gal. Michelle just turned 11, and I couldn't imagine her without her mom, I mean the girl still won't put up her own ponytail for soccer!

My mom in law is a breast cancer survivor, and it has been really hard to see her go through it all. Cancer does suck! Those bags are really touching.
I too have a testimony that families are forever!

Brianne said...

You totally made me cry. I love your mom and I have so many fun memories of her!!

adrianne said...

I think you're going to make a lot of people cry with this post. Your Mom is one of my most favorite people in the entire world - I think about her all the time and just plain miss her. I think it's awesome you did all of that in one day! I'm lucky if I make it to the YMCA everyday....

Joy Elizabeth Jackson said...

Yes, Rachel, blogs are not supposed to make you cry! To be honest, I have no idea what to say except I LOVE YOU and I bet your mom was the coolest person ever to have a daughter like you.

Janice said...

Oh Rachel, you made me cry! I wish I had known your mom. You are great to get involved with such a good cause. Your mom I'm sure is so proud of you and your cute little family.

Mama Janice