Wednesday, July 9, 2008

hoooraahhhhhhh!!!!!! and a little bit of Lils

Chad deserves many kisses because he is officially D-O-N-E done with his undergrad!!! ya know what that means??? He can come home from work and play, no more studying like mad. I am so excited cause now we get to have some serious fun before he starts grad school where I will be seeing him even less. So now its time to partay!
So tonight we rode our bikes and met up with Chads parents at Malards for some deee-lish ice cream and to celebrate the relief of being done! When I graduated, I got a baby, when he graduates, he gets ice cream.

Lily has lost her little voice from the little cold she had. She seriously sounds like a 5 month old smoker. She doesn't really cry, its more of honking.
She is also starting to hold the bottle...but of course not the easy two-handed way, she palms it with one hand.


Carly said...

haha, stella STILL holds her bottle like that, she can do it with both hands but she likes to stick her hand on the bottom and play with the plastic liner, we use the drop ins bottles. haha!

congrats, chad!!

Meredith said...

hallelujah!! i was so excited for you guys when i heard chad was done last night!! Play time!!

April said...

Congratulations!! You have your husband back...I know how that feels!

Joy Elizabeth Jackson said...

Yay for Chad! We still have a week and two days (it's some serious crunch time right now...), then I'm calling and having an hour long discussion with you about Host for my reward. Yes, I have to reward myself with Rachel phone time. Some people think they don't have to do anything to get it...selfish...Oh, and I read your sister's blog. SO FUNNY about the animal citation thing.

Jeremy Saunders said...

Oh, I remember the feeling of being done with school, and the stress of finals. I can't imagine going back...but sometimes I think it might be fun...CONGRATS!

Anonymous said...

YAY congratulations you guys! You guys will have such a fun summer being NORMAL PEOPLE with no school work to do!! Hopefully we will get to see some of you now!!!