Thursday, July 10, 2008

fun thurs night

So a little while ago when we were riding our bike back from running errands we saw Elizabeth park. OH my new favorite! How come I never really knew about this beautiful park??? How long have I been in b-ham...about 10 years, and I never knew about it. well apparently its like one of the oldest parks in town. Huge beautiful trees everywhere, a fountain, and a gazebo that every thurs night there is a concert and vendors come and sell yummy food, Our friends Rob and April came and hung out with us for a bit, it was so nice!

Auntie Niff stopped by and played with Lils for a bit

Our view laying down:)

I brought some Nutella and we let Lily try some...of course she loved it.


Kelsey said...

I can't believe you called me a name on my own blog!! You are the huge NERD!

Jessica Kettle said...

how cute are you guys! Lils is getting cuter and cuter. I am so excited to see you in August! and quit yer whining. I updated. sheesh.

April said...

It was fun, I want to go back next Thursday night...are you on?!
Since we got back the boys have been sick, I think I am going to go crazy having to be stuck inside with all of this beautiful weather AHHHH!!