Tuesday, July 1, 2008

my little sickie.

so its one thing for me to be sick. but its a whole other miserable world when your baby is sick. she can barely breathe out of her little nose, and is so tired, has a little fever,and then when shes falling asleep she whimpers the whole time and did while sleeping too! so lily slept horrible, so that means mommy sleeps horrible. now hold up 4 fingers and thats how many hours of sleep we are running on.im hoping this baby tylenol kicks in and helps this little sister out!


Joy Elizabeth Jackson said...

Poor Rach and Lily! If I were there I could watch her so that you could at least get some sleep. Yes, give her some drugs. My mom did that to me on long car rides so that I would sleep...needless to say we are firm believers in them. We miss you guys.

April said...

I KNOW! Having sick kids is the worst, I hope she feels better soon and that you will both get some rest!

Carly said...

OH! Sad day, Rach! I hate when STella is sick, too :( :(
Hope you guys get back to normal ASAP!

Jessica Kettle said...

poor lils! poor you! poor me that I haven't seen you in so long! having a sickie sucks. period. Except for sometimes when they are extra snuggley. hehe. I am wicked.

Did the mini-rach turned mini-chad like the fireworks? We were far away from them, but max just kept pointing at the horizon where the fireworks were. It would have been a heck of a lot more fun if we could have gone to grandma's old house and watched the seattle and downtown bellevue ones, and then watched uncle jeff set off bottle rockets. and then we could go inside and play house in grandma's guest room with the funny bumpy white bedspreads. and I would even let you be the dog without getting mad. and then jen could steal something from me. and tyler would "just smell" the cake. and then you could tell on him for having his eyes open during the prayer. and then our uncles could sing the diarrhea song and your mom could tell them they were sick. and then jordan could drool while wearing a peter pan costume. including tights.
Ok so that would be great. let's plan on that for next year please. this memory may need a blog dedicated to it.

Jessica Kettle said...

oh yea. I will bring the sparklers. it's ok if you don't know how to spell your name with it that well. I won't tease you.