Thursday, July 3, 2008

wishful wanting.

I want to go shopping at Anthro and Urban Outfitters and buy everything and anything I want. I want to go someplace like this with my best friends and laugh so hard it hurts.

I want my hair to be long again.
And I want to be fluent in at least 4 languages.

I know this is so random, and in no particular order. But these have been on my list of wants for a while. I can make them all happen i know but it takes a while and I am sick of being patient:) If only we all had more time and money right?


Jeremy Saunders said...

I hear ya! I know two languages fluently, and kinda know Spanish and French, and want to learn both and Italian as well. I keep saying I will, since it's pretty easy for me, but ah...where does the time go!?!?! Maybe we just need to live in Europe for a while....

Janice said...

oh my, you were all "so young" in that last picture:) I don't even remember the gal in the middle, but I remember all of the others. I'd forgotten you had such long hair. It was very pretty, but I liked the photo of you at Joy's wedding with that cute little short cut too. You're just cute no matter what you do:)

Mama Janice

Jessica Kettle said...

ok ditto, ditto, please invite me on your vacation, ditto, and I am too lazy to speak any languages other than my own. Sometimes I am even too lazy to speak my own.