Monday, August 18, 2008


Jess and Janell---remember when the parents made us go out on north shore and pic berries, and the whole time we just tried to hide from people seeing us as they drove by? HA!
So last night after the park we went over right behind our apt complex and picked 11 cups of black berries! YUM! I made, not to be braggy but probably the best black berry crisp ever afterwards. Best part is there are still a ton more berries left so I can make some more later.

Mal: this is the outfit you got for her!
This was this morning...early, I took Lily down stairs and we played while Chad slept...and is still sleeping. I figure its the last monday morning he will be able to sleep in for a LONG time. grad school starts in 2 days! AH!

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A little Birdie... said...

JEALOUS! I miss the NW blackberries. Here you can buy them for like 4.99 for a little teeny flat. Eat some for me!

And I love that hat....again.