Tuesday, August 19, 2008

its official.

I am grown-up now. We got Costco cards today! And what a glorious place Costco is. All those sample ladies have a new friend to be made, I am the sample queen. The sample ladies at Broulims totally knew me by name. No matter what the sample is, I take it. Oh and the best part besides the sampling is the hotdogs for $1.50...SO GOOD, never mind the amazing deals and wonderful bulk.


Alisha and Braeden said...

Hey how much is a membership there. I was going to go check it out this week.

April said...

I LOVE Costco! We haven't renewed our membership in over a year and I have totally missed it. Enjoy all those samples...you are so funny!

Jeremy Saunders said...

Costco is great for big families! Although I never leave there without spending waaay too much money!
Looks like you are settling in just fine. That beach looks amazing with all the clean sand, that sand turtle was impressive! You have such a cute little family.
Thanks for always exuding positivity even through the computer.
PS Breaking Dawn was pretty good.

kaitlyn said...

Costco is my happy place...no joke. I never go there and leave unhappy or grumpy. Plus, they take returns on just about anything so if you don't like it no prob!

The Jensen Family said...

Congratulations!! Welcome to the world of affordable diapers....plus all the other wonderful stuff there.
You definitely need to try their berry freeze things as well. Yummy! (Oh and you should enjoy those now before Lily is any older and then eats half of it for you! )

Tif said...

Costco is one of my happy places here...rainy days are often spent there because of A)the samples and B)the polish dogs!

Congrats on officially becoming grown up!