Thursday, August 14, 2008


So our apt does NOT have Internet yet. So Chad and I made the trip to his new library at Willamette University...pretty nice library, and the campus is SO beautiful. oh and by the way I am sweating like a pig cause we do not have AC and its been high 90's low 100's...yeah its a underwear party in our house:)
Sorry I have no pics to prove it yet but we were in Sand Point Idaho for a long time and it was SOOO stinkn fun, definitely got a tan for the first time all summer. Lots of family, food and sun.
Back to life in OR....our apartment is...medium rare. we are going to keep our eyes open for something better, I mean dont get me wrong, i feel safe, and its not a total dump or anything but we would like something a little better. Sorry its been so stinkn long, but the Internet guy comes tonight so cross your fingers it will be up and running soon so i can post some pics! its amazing how much of a blog addict i am, i am seriously going through with drawls!

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Me and My Boys said...

Hey sorry we missed you guys. Glad you moved in safe and everything. i totally know what you mean about the apt. thing we just spent a week looking for apt. in gig harbor and bremerton, yikes, I HATE to say it but rexburg doesnt' looks too bad. I can't believe i just said that, but you just feel so safe! you know?