Saturday, August 16, 2008

tie-dye extravaganza!!!

i promised slowly but surely there would be pictures from the Sand Point trip right?
well here is some of them:
so instead of getting like t-shirts for the reunion we all did tie-dye was SO rad, such a blast. we all got our creative juices flow'n
my cousin Isaac who did a little 'free hand' action and just drew on the shirt, he was so proud of the masterpiece:)
my cousin Paul making the swirly kind (you spin it and then rubber-band it in place and dye sections) he will be wrestling at Northwestern University in the fall so he did their school colors...not gay pride.
my broski Scotty also chose to do a little free hand, and apparently was inspired by the summer weather because he drew a bunch of palm trees...then all the colors bled together and so then he added 'trippy' everywhere and then the letters big tropical trippy tee
here are my hands after tie-dye'n, there is STILL blue and red on my nails! I did 3 onsies, a shirt and an apron. we SO blend in here in NW its great. and yes, i know Janell would kill me if i were to wear the shirt out in public, or put Lily in her onsie in public:) Chad tried to make up a new technique...and it turned out, interesting. Jenn made probably the best swirly shirt there,Ryan (you will see in pictures to come,as well as Jenn) made a 'broncos theme' shirt...surprised? ;)


Janell said...

Yes Rachel I would kill you if I saw any of you in your tie-dy outside of the privacy of your own home :) I'm glad you know me so well! haha that's awesome though

A little Birdie... said...

Never met an Isaac I didn't like. And this one is sure cute!