Sunday, August 17, 2008

where are you??

Where are my go to friends for Sunday evenings? Where are our Hannah and Caleb? Our Todd and Joy, our Heather and Cory??? away from us, thats where. Besides having to buy all new condiments  this is probably the worst part of moving. Its Sunday night and we want to have people over, or go to the river with someone...we are lonely I guess. Time to be an extrovert. There are a few young couples we met at church today (which by the way I feel like an idiot compared to them cause I only have my bachelors...welcome to graduate-student-land:) so I think we need to take the initiative and get some serious games of 'pounce' and ultimate uno going on(games that dont require a good LSAT or GMAT score, just have to be good at me:) I know we will be just fine but I want friends NOW. So to all our amigos out there, we honestly do miss you and wish we could party old school style with you.
On a happier note: we are going over to our friends the Jensens (from B-ham) for FHE tomorrow we are not totally alone in a new town!

ps-Sheena I saw a pic of your mother-in-law in our building today from girls camp!

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