Wednesday, September 10, 2008

the adventures of lily belle

exploring the outside world. she lifts herself up on to basically everything now, i have a feeling walking really isnt that far away.
outside! she LOVES being outside, i'm thinking this girl is gunna need a yard (there goes our idea of a down town apt)
spots the camera, and going in for the kill
doing what she does best, being cute.
she is very adventurous...sometimes to a fault. she crawls great, and pants the whole time, usually with her mouth open and tongue out :) but she gets herself stuck a lot too. here i am being a neglectful mother and taking a picture in her terrifying predicament. chad and i were talking while out side, newborns are soooo cute and tiny, but older babies sure are fun!

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A little Birdie... said...

Stinks to get stuck. Isaac does it all the time!