Friday, September 12, 2008

another new fave moive.

Ok, so I remember seeing pre-views for this movie and wanting to see it but never did. Then my friend Silvie let me borrow it, I TOTALLY love it. SO funny and cute and yeah, watch it, especially if you have ever had a baby. Chad really liked it too, so its not just funny to moms. April I really want you to watch it! Silvie you were so right, its awesome! I just finished it and wanna watch it again!


April said...

Okay Rachel I just read all three of your comments!!! That is so funny! I'm glad you recommended this movie I have been wanting to watch it since the previews first came out! I think I'll rent it tonight and tell you what I think!
Thanks April

Brandon and Jennifer said...

I LOVE THIS MOVIE! It's SO funny! I just watched it last night! hahahaha