Monday, September 22, 2008

bang bang

Lily got her shots today. I have to say, she was a champ. Only two tears, couple of screams and in no time I had her smile'n. Why did I get so blessed with such a sweet, easy baby? Is it to make up for her teen years? lets all just hope for the best.

Isn't it amazing how a smell can bring back so many memories, and feelings? When the nurse was cooing over Lily, she whipped out the alcohol swabs...I was immediately taken back to learning the proper technique of giving IVs, being in the back of the ambulance at around 3am with a screaming and crying grown man, and my preceptor had ME start the line (IV) *gulp* not only start the line but start it with a 14 gage (fat needle, basically like sticking a pen up someones vein) we were a moving, shaking blur down the country road, in the dimly lit back and I had to start the line. I held my breath and tried to move with the bumpy road, went for it and totally hit it, first try. From that point on, I had respect at the FD. Then memories of my first intubation, cardiac arrest, and car accidents... Consider my self a weirdo. I get happy smelling alcohol swabs and remembering people almost dieing. I was worried that all these memories would make me wanna go back to work. But the whole time I was visiting these memories I was holding my little miracle, my little Lily. She is way more exciting and rewarding then an ambulance ride, and every once and while helping save someones life. And plus, she doesnt make me wear a uniform.

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