Monday, September 22, 2008

road block

How could I put that big dumb chair in the way of the wonderful fun-filled stairs? Lily, after realizing that I don't agree with her and think the chair is a mistake and that I am not going to move it.
and no, you cant have a pony, no cookies before breakfast, and yes you have to go to school.


April said...

Oh thatis such a sad little face, howe could you do that to her?? I love how they have their minds set about things and can't understand that mommy's are being anything but mean to them!
I love hearing about your past job experiences that sounds so exciting, and you willl always have something that you can go back and do if you ever want!

Brandon and Jennifer said...

HOW DANG CUTE! We had to get a gate to keep Zach off the stairs! Ü I can't get over how cute your Lily is!