Thursday, September 4, 2008

bush park

there is a really pretty park by the university, so after i dropped off something for Chad, Lils and I played at the park for a while:
she LOVES the swing!
(her little eye is all red cause she kinda has a runny nose...and for some reason whenever that happens, she rubs that eye...crazy girl)

our new friend Silive stoped by with her daughter Leia (no idea if thats how you spell it) and played for a bit, this is a bad pic cause you cant even see how stinkn cute Leia is. oh and see the little yellow lion on the grass? I named her, Hermione the Liony.


Carly said...

So cute! Stella loved crinkling the TP bag too haha ;) Now that she is starting to walk a little we have to keep the bathroom door shut or she'll get in the toilet :)

Ryan, Sheena, and Riley said...

I LOVE Bush park!! I am so jealous!